Sold: WIZARD OF OZ COLORFORMS BOOK Hard-to-Find ca. 1960 Sticker Book Color-forms


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Here is another rare Wizard of Oz item. This Wizard of Oz “Colorforms” book has individual body parts that make up Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, The Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, Billina the hen, and Glinda the Good. The pieces adhere to a black backing sheet; then you can put them into the story directly on the book’s 12 colorful, sturdy pages. Pieces are reusable so you can change the story a bit!

Undated, but I believe this is from circa 1960, as 100 Years of Oz dates the “We’re Off to See the Wizard” Colorforms book at 1967, and I assume this came out before. Published by Random House. A very unusual item–try to find others online!

Condition is good with some wear. The front cover has a small divot in the bottom margin–see photo. Spiral binding and rear cover and in nice shape. Inside, 9 of the ~40 stickers are missing; the others are still on the original sheet, but loosing their stickum so I’ve wrapped it in plastic. The first three pages have sticky residue and ink transfer from some of the stickers. The rest of the pages are in good shape with still vibrant colors. A scarce Oz collectible.