Sold: Wizard of Oz Cassette & W W Denslow Book 1972, Land of Oz Book John R Neill 1974

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Nice set of two Wizard of Oz booklets and one cassette tape from the 70s by American Learning Company. The Wizard booklet and cassette are in their own 1972 box, and I found the Land of Oz booklet (which dates to 1974) later, without its cassette. The booklets (6×9″ and 24 pages) are nice because rather than the story, they are filled with art from the original illustrators in black and white: W W Denslow in the case of The Wizard, and John R Neill in the case of The Land of Oz. Also with brief bios of their careers. Charming; please see photos.

I haven’t played the cassette to see if it’s OK, but it looks to be in good condition. Box and booklets in good condition with light wear.