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Here is a very nice copy of an extremely hard-to-find Oz book, The Oziads by Fred Otto, “Poet Laureate of Oz.” A member of the Oz Club, Fred read a new Oz-related poem at the annual conventions. According to the Club’s site, “Never at a loss for a rhyme, his presentation of the annual Oziad was a much-anticipated event… After Fred’s death, his good friend James E. Nitch published a collected edition of Fred’s verse, entitling the book, The Oziads. The book was produced by Patrick M. Maund, and was graced with many illustrations by Rob Roy MacVeigh.” It is basically a re-telling of all the major Oz books in poetry, from the Wonderful Wizard to Merry-Go-Round in Oz. Smith and Tinker Press (San Francisco), 1995.

I haven’t read the poems, but the art by MacVeigh is wonderful, with many full page color illustrations after Denslow, Neill, Dirk and also his own. Endpapers and borders by John Anthony Miller. The book is unpaginated, but it large and stuffed full with poetry and art–I’m guessing around 200 pages. In excellent condition, near fine with no writing or defects.