Sold: Reilly & Lee Wizard of Oz Book Flyer 1956, ca 1959 Roland Roycraft Tin Woodman


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Original Reilly & Lee flyer “Read the Oz Books”, ca. 1959 with a cover featuring the funky Roland Roycraft cover design for The Tin Woodman of Oz. Even better, it opens to show the covers of all 39 available Oz books, with the 10 Roycraft covers that didn’t last long, including the elusive Roycraft Wizard of Oz (oddly, the 11th Roycraft title, The Hungry Tiger of Oz, is still shown with the John R Neill jacket).. Likely some of you scholars know of this flyer, but I’ve never seen this flyer in person or in print.

Size is 5.5”x8.3”. Condition is very good, previously folded in third horizontally. See my other scarce original catalogs featuring Oz and related content!