Sale: OZMAPOLITAN Magazine/Flyer 1965 Issue White Cover Wizard of Oz Book Dick Martin Poster

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The Ozmapolitan is a scarce Reilly & Lee publication only sporadically released. It’s short, usually 4 pages, and filled with Oz quips and news, entertaining Ozzy classifieds as well as advertisements of current Reilly & Lee releases.

This is a 1965 Ozmapolitan honoring the “Ozzentennial” release of The Wizard of Oz book–sometimes called the “blue Denslow poster cover”– where “the illustrations follow the color-plan of the story–just as they did in the original edition of 1900”. Also advertises this book and 8 “white cover” Oz releases on the back, and shows a Dick Martin “Ozian Celebrities” poster issued by Reilly & Lee on the front. Many other interesting tidbits as well. This issue is numbered Volume ZZXL, Number 1963. Great historical information on the Reilly and Lee publication history of the 60s!