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OZIANA Limited Signed HC Edn Wizard of Oz Club Fiction 2004 Book


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Oziana is a magazine put out by the International Wizard of Oz Club, where members write and illustrate their own Oz-related fiction. Here is a special edition of the 2004 issue, #R of 26 lettered copies. Even cooler, with a Glass Cat bookplate with original signatures of all the contributors (8 signatures)! Unlike the regular softcover edition, this is a hardcover edition with a full color pastedown on the front and back cover, as well as red endpapers. 28 pages. In very good condition, with some discoloration to the edge of the cover pastedown. Interior fine. Contains:
“A Bungled Kidnapping in Oz” by David Hulan, illustrated by John Mundt, Esq. At the end of The Patchwork Girl of Oz, the Wizard turns the Glass Cat’s brains transparent, yet in The Magic of Oz her brains are pink once more. How did that happen? This Otto Award-winning explanation starts with a mysterious intruder.

“New Moon Over Oz” by M. A. Berg, illustrated by Alexi Francis
The man in the moon looks very different in Mother Goose in Prose, Queen Zixi of Ix, and Ozma of Oz, and a new crescent moon looks very different to the various citizens of the Emerald City in this glowing prose poem.

“Evrob & the Nomes” by J. L. Bell, illustrated by John R. Neill
Growing up as one of ten children isn’t easy, even if you’re a prince of Ev. In this Otto Award-winner set soon after The Emerald City of Oz, young Evrob samples life with his underground neighbors and Dorothy discovers that King Roquat has taken a new name.

“Calling All Ozzy Poets”
An invitation to exercise your pencils and rhyming dictionaries.

Key to “The Road through Oz” by Don Marquez
Who’s who on the cover art.