SOLD: Oz Book Author Rachel Cosgrove Payes 1955 Typed Signed Letter, Hidden Valley, Alla Ford


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THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE. Here is a long original signed letter from Rachel Cosgrove Payes, who wrote The Hidden Valley of Oz in 1951. This letter is dated May 19th, 1955, so was written a few years after Cosgrove’s book was published. The letter is written to Alla T Ford, in response to her (apparently) asking for a signed copy of Hidden Valley. Rachel discusses Who’s Who in Oz, and the possibility of another Oz book, “but I’ll be surprised if they publish any more”. She also discusses her other work, her recent marriage, and the illustrations in her book by Dirk, and how much she liked them. There is also mention of Mr (William G) Lee, an early Oz collector whose collection was bought by bookseller Ford.

This item is part of a large lot of fascinating Oz correspondence that I bought years ago, and finally decided to sell the remaining pieces. It’s from the estate of Alla T. Ford (Mrs. Robert G. Ford), who was one of the 16 founding members of the International Wizard of Oz Club, as well as a serious collector and book seller. She even compiled 2 Oz-related books herself under her own label! I have retained copies of all the letters in the lot, and reserve the right to use them at any time for various purposes. However, you will be getting the one-of-a kind original for your collection!