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Here is an unusual version of the Lucky Bucky in Oz book by John R. Neill, famous Oz illustrator who continued writing the series.  This is the scarce Hutchinson (London) edition, the first British edition. According to Bibliographia Oziana, printed in 1945. With many black and white illustrations by Neill, and nice illustrated endpapers. It also contains a nice large “Land of Winkies” map–“Diagram of the Journey” as part of the front endpapers. Similar to the Reilly & Lee edition of Bucky, but larger (9 3/4 x 7 5/8″) and with a few changes–for example, Chapter 14 called “Tea and Thunderbeetles” instead of “Tea and Thunderbugs” (Brits don’t use the “bug” term.) No dust jacket.

The covers are still attractive, but there is some discoloration and fading along the bottom and top edge that looks like moisture damage. Not too bad, but there. The spine looks good. Inside, the hinges are intact and the front illustrated endpaper is clean, rear has some spotting. The book is printed on acidic wartime paper, and there is age toning especially toward the edges. No writing or tears. The binding is tight. This version is quite scarce in any condition and difficult to find in the U. S. A copy with the dust jacket recently sold for $350 at PBA galleries.