BAUM BUGLE Wizard of Oz Club 1971-1979 Choice One Issue


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The Baum Bugle is the magazine put out by the International Wizard of Oz Club, which has been around for a long time. Filled with great detailed info related to Oz books, the authors, the movie, and more. This auction is for YOUR CHOICE OF ONE of the following issues between 1971 and 1979, containing the following special material. (Many have now sold, but I leave the description of each issue as it’s handy to have.)

Baum Bugle Autumn 1971: SOLD

Baum Bugle Christmas 1971: SOLD

Baum Bugle Spring 1972: Newly Available!

Baum Bugle Autumn 1972: Newly Available!
W.W. Denslow (many page article) and Checklist of his published work, Baum’s The Magic Bon-bons from The Republic May 19 1901, The Twinkle Tales and Twinkle and Chubbins

Baum Bugle Christmas 1972: SOLD

Baum Bugle Spring 1973: Newly Available!

Baum Bugle Autumn 1973: Available
Oz Film Mfg. Co (Pt III), Baum on his films, Our Landlady (in Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer), Oz Recordings, Bibliographia Baumiana: Daring Twins series, Phoebe Daring, The Wizard’s Magic, Oz in the News

Baum Bugle Christmas 1973: Newly Available!

Baum Bugle Spring 1974: SOLD

Baum Bugle Autumn 1974: SOLD

Baum Bugle Christmas 1974: Newly Available!

Baum Bugle Spring 1975: SOLD.
Littlest Giant (unpublished Baum Story), Bibliographia Pseudonymiana: Bluebird Mary Louise books (later issues), Baum and Denslow: Their Books Pt 1 (5 pages)–Father Goose, etc, The Wiz musical, Oz in Russia, Oz Bookshelf, Munchkin Coroner

Baum Bugle Autumn 1975: SOLD
The Periodical Baum: An Annotated Checklist, Oz Bookshelf, Denslow’s Scarecrow and the Tinman on Fifth Avenue, Baum and Denslow: Their Books Pt 2

Baum Bugle Winter 1975: Sold
America in Oz, Pt 1, Bibliographia Pseudonymiana: Aunt Jane’s Nieces, Oz Quiz, Oz in the News, The Trouble with…Pt 1-Eggs, Oz Club Information, Oz Bookshelf: Unexplored Territory

Baum Bugle Spring 1976: Sold
Guns in Oz, Oz in Russia (Pt. II), Sunday Record-Herald Sept 11, 1904: Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz–How the Tin Woodman Escaped the Magic Flood, Aunt Jane’s Nieces Series (Abroad), Corrections/additions to Winter 1975 Aunt Jane’s Nieces article.

Baum Bugle Autumn 1976: Back in Stock.
Ruth Plumly Thompson special issue–chock full of lots of interesting material on this talented Oz author

Baum Bugle Winter 1976: SOLD
Coronado Fairyland (Baum’s impressions of California, especially Coronado where he apparently wrote several books), America in Oz (Conclusion), Oz Bookshelf, Magic Belt Mysteries

Baum Bugle Spring 1977: SOLD
The Magic of Baum, Wizard in Many Tongues, Barrier of Invisibility, Jack Pumpkinhead Pawns the Sawhorse, Substance and Shadow (Dick Martin), Oz Bookshelf, The Wogglebug Game, Bibliographia Pseudonymiana: Aunt Jane’s Nieces at Millville, AJN Abroad CORRECTIONS

Baum Bugle Autumn 1977: Available
John R Neill Special Issue–A 10-page Checklist of his Published Work, his illustrations in The Housewife, Oz Bookshelf, Aunt Jane’s Nieces at Millville and Abroad Corrections (these Abroad corrections better images and superceding Spring 77 corrections), Flora of Oz

Baum Bugle Winter 1977: SOLD
Twenty Years of Oz, Tribulations of Trot, JuggerJook Pt 1, Thompson Dedications and Crossword Puzzles, Bibliographia Pseudonymiana: Aunt Jane’s Nieces at Work, Oz Bookshelf, The Ozmapolitan, Baum Success and Frustration

Baum Bugle Spring 1978: Available
Ozma, Tik-tok and the Rheingold, Which Came First (Patchwork Girl vs. Little Wizard illustrations), early reviews of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Oz bookshelf, Oz in Russia Pt 3, Footnotes to Oz, Juggerjook

Baum Bugle Autumn 1978: Available
Magic in Thompson’s Oz, Curious Case of King Kaliko, Wizard in Many Tongues, Wizard Pop-ups, Return of Dick Weemins, Bibliographia Pseudonymiana: Aunt Jane’s Nieces in Society, Oz Bookshelf–Enchanted Island of Oz, L. Frank Baum Memorial Award acceptance speech (Fred Meyer)

Baum Bugle Winter 1978: Available
The Man Nobody Knows (Soldier w/ Green Whiskers). Ozmite Club, Neill–An Illustrator’s Methods, Paul Tietjen’s Ode to Denslow, Oz Bookshelf, La Reine est Mort (reprinted from Chicago Times Herald), Int’l Wiz. of Oz Club

Baum Bugle Spring 1979: Available
Oz in Japan (books), Helpful Hints for Beginning Collectors (excellent for books), Oz Under Scrutiny, A Jungle Fairy Tale by L. Frank Baum, Oz In American, Oz in the News

Baum Bugle Autumn 1979: SOLD
Note: Base of spine is bent and rubbed but intact
Dedicated to Jack Haley, The Final Shooting Script of MGM’s Wizard of Oz, A Movie Classic Abroad, Phonographia Oziana (recordings from the movie), Oz Movie Quiz, Over the Rainbow Under the Microscope, Jack Haley, Checklist of Material Related to the MGM Movie, Oz Bookshelf

Baum Bugle Winter 1979: SOLD
Oz in Russia (Pt 4), Adventures in Oz, Oz Quiz, Baum Oz Holdings at the U. Minnesota Library, Scraps and the Magic Box, Margaret Hamilton, Oz Bookshelf, Oz in the News

Issues are for the most part in good condition, with the odd corner bumping or light browning here and there. Some even include the original last-minute membership inserts laid in by the club! Actual issue may vary slightly from those in the photos.

Remember–the listing price is for ONE magazine, your choice of the above list. Please specify which issue you’d like in the Order Notes box at the bottom of Checkout. Additional mags ship for only $1.00 extra.