5 Wizard of Oz 1st Pastiche Books, Mebes, Gannaway, Baum: Magic Tapestry, Sinister Gases, Invisible Inzi, Corn Mansion, Dinamonster


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This is a set of five interesting Wizard of Oz pastiche books:

The Magic Tapestry of Oz by Marcus Mebes & Chris Dulabone, published by Buckethead Enterprises, 1st edition 1992.

Sinister Gases in Oz by Ryan Gannaway. Buckethead, 1995 1st edition.

Corn Mansion of Oz by Peter Schulenburg, 1st Edn, 1998.

Dinamonster of Oz by Kenneth Gage Baum, illus by his granddaughter Dorothy Gita Morena. Buckethead, 1991 1st edition.

Invisible Inzi of Oz, by Virginia and Robert Wauchope, illus by Eric Shanower, Buckethead, 1st printing thus.

All softcovers in near fine condition, illustrated in black and white. Fun to see the early work by these long-time members of the Oz community.