Sold: Original Toto Legs Only Waddle from 1934 Wizard of Oz Waddle Book


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Here is an original partial Waddle of Toto’s legs from The Wizard of Oz Waddle Book published by Blue Ribbon books in 1934. The book was issued with 6 Waddle characters that when assembled with the clips, waddled down the Yellow Brick Road. This listing is for 4 unused legs of the Toto character, each about 2″ long. The waddles were reproduced by Applewood Books in 1993, and I have carefully compared the cardstock and details of these legs to those reproductions, and am postive these are from the older, original publication. Specific differences include that the original waddles had a matte finish while the reproductions were glossy and also small differences in the slots and printing I’ve also handled original waddles before and made this Youtube video comparing that set to the reproductions. The

Complete sets of waddles sell in the $4,000-$10,000 range–well, here is your start! Or perhaps I will reach someone who has Toto’s body with no legs, which would be Oz-some!