Sold: 1975 & 1979 Edition Books Unexplored Territory in Oz Essays by Pattrick Wizard of Oz Club


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Here are two early editions of Robert Pattrick’s Unexplored Territory of Oz, a softcover book published by the International Wizard of Oz Club. Contents include four fascinating essays for Ozmaniacs–Oz vs Authors, The Early History of Oz, Oz Magic, Books in Oz and a detailed bibliography. Sadly, Pattick died in 1960 at just age 33, so these are rather early ruminations on Oz. Most of this title you see currently are the 1990 edition. The 1979 edition seems to have an expanded Bibliography over the 1975 edition. There was also a 1963 edition, so presumably these are the 2nd and 3rd editions. Cover by Dick Martin is rather uninspired, but the interior art by Bill Eubank is some of his best, I think. Both editions in very good condition!