Sold: ROYCROFT Deluxe Books 1907 Letterhead, Signed Letter by Elbert Hubbard Roycrofters

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Here is an interesting Roycroft related item–a 1907 letter from the Roycroft founder Elbert Hubbard to a “Maud Madison”. It discusses some mottos that Hubbard is sending to her with a “hand-grasp over the miles”. Best of all, the letter is printed on an original sheet of Roycrofter letterhead–“Deluxe Books and Things” with a Walt Whitman quote.

In good condition with quarter-fold marks and a small chip at bottom edge.

The Roycroft press specialized in hand-made and hand-illumined books during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Led by Elbert Hubbard, this was a semi-Utopian artist’s community where employees played the piano, took classes, and participated in sports as part of their daily onsite routine. Hubbard was a writer, philosopher, and astute businessman who has been both loved and vilified throughout the years. Despite his faults, there is no doubt that he produced beautiful books. Browse the Roycroft section of my store and see for yourself. As with my Oz inventory, I will try to keep a selection of unusual books and ephemera in stock.