Sold: Roycroft Catalog of Roycroft Books and Things Year 10 (1905), Original, Dard Hunter Mottos

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Here is an original 1905 Roycroft “Catalog of Roycroft Books and Things Year 10” (1905), packed full of Roycroft products, photographs, and bound in color mottos (some by Dard Hunter) for a total of about 70 pages. Amazing resource for various Roycrofters, their places and their books. Very nice snapshot of that period and one of the harder catalogs to find–version B of the cover according to the RoycroftBooks website. Reprints abound, but this is the original!

In fair to good condition, with some chipping and staining to cover, piece of paper glued in to cover chip in rear cover, first motto detached, age toning to pages, etc. Text and photos seem complete. A wonderful archive of the early Roycroft campus.