Sale: Elbert Hubbard Personal Stationery with His Portrait Watermark Unused Roycroft Roycrofters

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An unusual Roycroft item–an unused sheet of Elbert Hubbard’s personal stationery (stationary). It says “From Elbert Hubbard / East Aurora, which is in / Erie County, New York” in the left corner, and an elaborate watermarked portrait bust of Hubbard in the right corner, about 2″ across. It doesn’t show unless the light is behind it, when it is quite dramatic with both brown and white colors visible, rather like a hologram. Like the one on the website ( ), but with the elements modified and re-arranged slightly, and unused. I can’t find any others exactly like it online, although there is a similar piece shown as the 1st color plate in the book “Roycroft Collectibles” by Charles Hamilton (1994).

Full-sized (8.5″ by 11″) and in excellent condition.