Sold: 2 Bound The Philistines; W W Denslow Comic Art, Roycroft, Vol 5 & Vol 7 1897/1898


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Here are two bound volumes of “The Philistine, A Periodical of Protest”, a Roycroft publication, one with multiple illustrations by WW Denslow of Wizard of Oz fame. This small monthly magazine was put out by Hubbard with social and political commentary. These bound volumes include Vol 5 (6 issues, June 1897-Nov 1897) and Vol 7 6 issues (June 1898-Nov 1898). Bound with the covers and all 6 rear covers of volume 7 rear covers have classic Denslow caricatures, including the classic “Books to Burn”. One issue also has an internal ad crediting Denslow for designing “special initials”. These issues predate when a Denslow seahorse is also used on the front cover. The magazines are complete and also have Hubbard copy and interesting period ads for typewriter, railroads, and other items. Early volumes are hard to find, since these were published before Hubbard catapulted to fame with the popularity of The Message to Garcia in 1899.

Condition is good for Vol 5 and fair for Vol 7, which has a paint stain on cover and some moisture staining to part of spine and rear cover, extending to the rear endpapers as shown. Pages are in good condition.