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Sale: W W Denslow Seasons of Life Spring Lithograph, 1883 P. W. Ziegler, Oz Illustrator

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Here is another recent W W Denslow find–an 1883 lithograph, captioned “The Days of Infancy are All a Dream”, showing a boy and girl in the country. This is one of a series of 4 lithographs Ziegler published in a few different books in the 1880’s. The winter litho, captioned “Tis Winter’s Dreary Withering Blast” and showing an old man warming his hands before a fire, is included in the additions/corrections to Greene/Hearn W W Denslow bibliography in the Autumn 1980 Baum Bugle. I recently discovered the other three lithos, representing the four seasons of life, in Ziegler’s books.  All four lithos bear a similar style and appear to be done by Denslow, and the summer and winter ones are very faintly signed “W D”. All are printed “copyright 1883 P. W. Zeigler & Co”. Ziegler was a Philly book publisher during the period when Denslow was working there (interestingly, their name was misspelled on all four lithographs).  This early art is completely different in style from his later work for children, showing Den’s great versatility. This individual “Days of Infancy” piece apparently excised from a book, 6 3/4″x 9 3/4″ in size, with age toning and some spotting to the edges.

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