Sale: W W DENSLOW Five Little Pigs Postcard Pig Wee Wee Finding Way Home 1906 Oz

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Another fun piece by WW Denslow, a postcard derived from his 1905 “Five Little Pigs” book. The card is “copyrighted by R. L. Wells, 1906.” but since there is no Denslow signature, it may be an unauthorized reproduction. R. L. Wells also used several images from Father Goose and other Denslow books, sometimes changing small details. For more info, see the Wannabe Wonderlands blog. One of the Five Little Pigs postcards is listed in the Greene & Hearn book on Denslow, but five actually exist. This one with the policeman rumored to be patterned after L Frank Baum. In good condition, with a 1907 postmark on the back and also light wear on the front.