Sold: W. W. Denslow: Animal Book Wizard of Oz Donohue Linen Booklet from Denslow’s Big Circus


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Yet another unusual item with art by Wizard of Oz illustrator W W Denslow: Animal Book book, undated but ca. 1920 by M. A. Donohue & Co (Chicago). Printed on linen. Borrowing signed Denslow art from the 1903 Dillingham edition of Denslow’s Big Circus Book. Lovin’ that dining Tiger, and the Crocodile is offering a sugar cube to the tapir with tongs! Also with one of Denslow’s ABC images on the rear cover. Two color interior pages are also by Denslow, with other pages by another artist. 8 pages including covers, and smaller than the Dillingham Picture Books. Scarce.

This booklet is in good condition; the exterior linen has some soiling but still has a nice sheen, but the interior has messy coloring by a child as shown. Stapled binding still intact.