Sale: Swiss Family Robinson, Humpty Dumpty 1908 John R Neill, 1st Thus 2 Books Fair/Poor

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Here are two first edition Reilly & Britton books illustrated by Oz illustrator John R Neill. These are both of the rare Children’s Stories that Never Grow Old series, but are in very rough condition, so I’m grouping them together. Unlike the later Children’s Red Book series, these just contains the one story: one with Swiss Family Robinson and the other with Humpty Dumpty from Through the Looking Glass. They both have lavish color endpapers and colorful art throughout by Neill.

Both with paper over the spine gone, and heavy wear to edges of boards, especially Swiss Family Robinson, which has corners missing. Humpty with paper loss and Swiss Family Robinson with pages loose from binding. Writing and soiling inside–“wild and homeless” reading copies, but with all pages present.