Sold: Murray/Donohue Hybrid LAND OF NOD Ruth Plumly Thompson OZ 1920s


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This is an odd transitional hybrid of The Land of Nod, written by Oz book author Ruth Plumly Thompson. Illustrated by Charles J. Coll, the story was first published in the Philadelphia Ledger newspaper in 1919, then by the Murray company in a long, thin, double book format. Somewhat later, Donohue published the stories as single books with a new cover in a shorter, wider format. This book uses the long, skinny Murray cover, but adds on a strip on the right with unrelated B&W illustrations and publisher’s info. The rear cover uses unrelated art with various fairy tale characters. The interior seems to be the same as the later Donohue book format (Thompson is uncredited). Very unusual, the only one I’ve ever seen in this format!

The book is only in fair condition, as the split spine has been loosely sewn with thread, and the cover has edge wear with a few tiny tears. The interior pages are in decent condition but have corner folds. For the completist collector.