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Sold: Fred Otto’s Comical Cruises of Captain Cooky 1926 Ruth Plumly Thompson Royal Baking Oz


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A neat little “Fairy Book” put out by Royal Baking Company, and written anonymously by Ruth Plumly Thompson. This copy notable as having been owned by Frederick (Fred) Otto, former poet laureate for the Oz Club and author of The Oziads. Beautiful full-color illustrations on every page by Gertrude Kay. Also verse and recipes. According to Pacific Book Auction, Little Gingerbread Man came out in 1923, Billy in Bunbury in 1925, The Comical Cruises of Captain Cooky in 1926, and The Prince of the Gelatin Isles in 1926. They were Royal Baking “giveaways” and fragile, so not many survived. Thankfully, Comical Cruises can still be found and is a nice addition to that Oz collector who has almost everything. 24 pages. Includes stereotypical images of Africans that the Captain meets on his voyages.

This copy is in good condition, with Fred’s name at the top and silverfish damage to the covers, especially bad on the rear as shown. Please view photos. The interior of the book is very good.