Sold: Denslow’s Tom Thumb LINEN Book Dillingham 1st Edn 1903 W W Denslow Wizard of Oz


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Here is another adorable book by Oz illustrator W. W. Denslow: Denslow’s Tom Thumb. Copyright 1903, this is the original published by Dilliingham, and mounted on “indestructible” linen. According to Denslow expert Bill Thompson is the Spring 2015 Baum Bugle, “It is especially difficult to find good copies of these [linen]…twenty years of scouring shops and online sites for copies gives me a rough estimate of what has survived: I find about ten plain paper copies to every linen-mounted copy, regardless of condition, and of these, the plain paper copies are about three times more likely to be “complete” (meaning all pages present)”. Tom Thumb was the only one of the original series of 12 with a half-white cover. Fully illustrated with color and Denslow’s trademark seahorse signature on every page, as well as illustrated endpapers. Oversized softcover, decorated endpapers, 9″ by 11″. Super creative in the Denslow tradition.

In good minus condition, with some flaws as is normal with these fragile titles. Complete, but with a little of the front cover missing (with linen still present below) at lower left. Moderate soiling to cover and throughout. Chipping to spine and rear cover; some red crayon on rear cover, creasing. Offered at a discount due to condition. Back has a medley of all of Denslow’s Picture Books, all now scarce except for the modern reprints.