Sale: DENSLOW’S Mother Goose Imitator Postcards Set of 3 Minneapolis “M” Shirt Waist Denslow Oz

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Here are three of a set of antique postcards advertising Minneapolis “M” waist shirts, with a Mother Goose theme. The images are based on one of the most famous picture books of its time, Denslow’s Mother Goose, which spawned many imitators, done by other artist’s in Denslow’s style. The original verses were altered to mention the “M shirt” or “M waist” by Minneapolis Knitting Works. Not mentioned in the Denslow checklists, but are based on his style and even his color scheme, as shown in the last image from the original 1901 book. Cards are circa 1910; there are 6 total in the set.

In very good, unused condition, with light wear.

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