Complete Set W W DENSLOW 1884 Trade Card Set Baker & Hayes Wizard of Oz


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Here is a set of early trade cards illustrated by Wizard of Oz book illustrator W W Denslow. They feature baby Roman gods–Including Pluto with a bat, Minerva, Bacchus and Venus. Copyright 1884 by Baker and Hayes; very early examples of Denslow’s work, all with the Baker and Hayes copyright at the bottom and three with the tiny B&H mark within the art. There also are lovely gilt backgrounds, flames, shell, goblet etc. The same cards were used for advertising different businesses; two cards have businesses and two don’t. This gig by Denslow is mentioned in the corrections/additions to the Greene/Hearn Bibliography on WW Denslow published in the Autumn 1980 Baum Bugle (p 17).

In good condition with a light wear and soiling, generally quite clean. Rare to find the complete set of four!