Sold: Book of the Fine Arts Building: 2008 Facsimile Review Copy Denslow Seymour Office Chicago


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Book of the Fine Arts Building: A Facsimile Edition of the Original Monograph. Wonderful book with photographs and text about the Fine Arts Building (also called the Studebaker building) in Chicago, where Wizard of Oz illustrator W W Denslow had an office in the 1890s. Frank Lloyd Wright, J C Leyendecker and the Caxton Club also occupied this iconic building, which still stands today. This is a review copy presented by the author David Swan in 2009. It also has his business card and a preprint photograph of the book laid in. Copyright 2008, “Printed for the Building”, published by Hyoogen Press. A nicely produced reproduction of the book originally printed in 1911 by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, who illustrated L Frank Baum’s American Fairy Tales. With over 50 photographs and an elaborate Bird’s Eye View of the Chicago business district as the endpapers.