Sale: Book of the Fine Arts Building 2008 Facsimile Review Copy Denslow Seymour Office Chicago

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Wonderful book with photographs and text about the Fine Arts Building (also called the Studebaker building) in Chicago, where Wizard of Oz illustrator W W Denslow had an office in the 1890s. This is a review copy presented by the author David Swan in 2009, and it also has his business card and a preprint photograph of the book laid in. Copyright 2008, “Printed for the Building”, published by Hyoogen Press. A nicely produced reproduction of the book originally printed in 2011 by Ralph Fletcher Seymour who illustrated L Frank Baum’s American Fairy Tales. With over 50 photographs and an elaborate Bird’s Eye View of the Chicago business district as the endpapers. Frank Lloyd Wright, Leyendecker and many other artists occupied this iconic building, which still stands today.