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Arikara Medicine Fraternity. Edward S Curtis Original 1908 Photogravure on Dutch Van Gelder Paper, North American Indian Portfolio, 18×22″


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Arikara Medicine Fraternity, a beautiful original Edward Curtis photogravure from his master work, The North American Indian. This is portfolio plate #157, copyright 1908 (John Andrew & Son) printed on hand-milled Dutch Van Gelder paper. Dutch Van Gelder was one of three different types of paper used for the original prints, and can be identified by a complete or partial “Holland Van Goldier Zonen Papper” watermark, which this has. You can also see the original plate impression about 3/4″ surrounding the image. Only about 166 sets were printed on Van Gelder paper. For more information on identifying original photogravures rather than the modern restrikes, see this reference page: The paper measures about 18″x22″ and the image is 125×15.5″. 22 Indians are pictured, a few with eagle feathers.

In very good condition except there is a brown square mark from an old acidic mat (which I removed), but it is outside the plate mark so would not show when you remat it. A few tiny spots (~1/16″ or less) and also two small pieces of white tape on the back from its previous frame (not affecting front at all). An amazing piece for your art collection! (See also my other Curtis photogravure listed).