2 W W DENSLOW Five Little Pigs Postcards This Little Pig Went to Market, Stayed Home


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Two postcards with art from W W Denslow’s 1905 “Five Little Pigs” book. The cards are “copyrighted by R. L. Wells, Inc.” but are likely an unauthorized reproduction of Denslow’s work. R. L. Wells also used several images from Father Goose and other Denslow books, sometimes changing small details. For more info, see Holly Denis-Lucas’ Postcard Checklist in the Spring 2015 Baum Bugle. One of the Five Little Pigs postcards is also listed in the Greene & Hearn book on Denslow, but five actually have since been found. Here we have the first two in the set: This little pig went to market and This little pig stayed home. Just another of those quirky things that makes collecting Denslow fun!

In good condition, with 1907 postmarks and writing on the front of one. (Since postcards are from the pre-divided back era, only address was allowed on the back and so messages were written on the front.) Both for one price.