Sale: The Wizard of Oz: Songs Sung in Hamlin and Mitchell’s Musical Extravaganza Sheet Music 1905

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Rare sheet music booklet from the original Wizard of Oz stageplay–published circa 1905 based on last copyright date on individual songs. With 18 songs total, including several from the Oz musical (not all contain music, some just words). With a gorgeous grinning lion cover after Denslow, published by M. Witmark and Sons. The back cover includes a program and cast list from the play, which makes it especially desirable.

This iconic piece recently sold (in better condition) for $900 at PBA Galleries.
Fair warning: The spine on this music is completely separated and since it was printed on acidic paper, it’s complete but extremely fragile! Edge tears and chipping; must be handled very carefully. Fair condition, offered at a fair price.
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