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Walter J Enright Original Art from Al Alligator Book, Evil Rattlesnakes, Father Goose’s Year Book Artist



A nice piece of original illustration art and book by Walter J “Pat” Enright, who illustrated L Frank Baum’s Father Goose’s Year Book. He was also the husband of Maginel Wright Enright, artist for several of Baum’s non-Oz books. The art is from p. 70 of Enright’s own book, Al Alligator and How He Learned to Play the Banjo (1947). Black ink on a 15×20″ “Bainbridge” art board. It is signed ENRIGHT in pencil, matching the signature on other known work, and also titled in pencil “The moccasin opened its big ugly white mouth and shook with silent laughter”. (Most of the snakes pictured are actually rattlesnakes.) One of the more elaborate drawings in the published book. The art has other editorial markings around the border, such as “heading Chap 6”. Also included is a scarce copy of the original book, in dust jacket, as shown! It’s an Oz-like story with talking animals that live mostly in harmony, save for the villainous snakes pictured in this drawing.

The art appears to have been sketched originally in pencil, and then inked, with a few corrections on white patches that are slightly lighter than the tan board. In good condition with some age toning and corner bumping that doesn’t affect the art itself–would look nice framed. A wonderful piece of original art by a lesser known Baum illustrator!

From the Firestone Library at Princeton blog: “The political cartoonist and illustrator Walter J. “Pat” Enright (1879-1969) was born in Chicago and studied at the Art Institute before moving to New York City. He drew cartoons for the New York Evening World in the 1920s and the New York American in the early 1930s. After moving to Florida, he worked for the Miami Herald from 1933 to 1943 and the Palm Beach Post from 1943 to 1948. While living in Florida, Enright became interested in wildlife conservation, the alligator in particular. In 1947, he wrote and illustrated Al Alligator and How He Learned to Play the Banjo.”

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