Sold: The LAND of NOD 1905 Sheet Music W W Denslow Edgar Keller Come On Let’s Two Step

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Here is an interesting piece of sheet music for the Land of Nod musical, for which Wizard of Oz illustrator W.W. Denslow designed “characters” (probably costumes–see last image). “As produced by the Majestic Extravaganza Company”. The song is “Come On, Let’s Two Step”, lyrics by Stonewell and Music by John W Bratton. The cover art is Denslow-esque, but is by Edgar Keller. There is a funny character on the border who looks a little like the Tin Woodman! Copyright 1905 by M. Witmark & Sons.

Condition is good only, complete with some tape on the back holding spine and edges tears. cover art still clean and very attractive.