Sold: Oz Oddity: Scarecrow Strawman Popeye? 1933/1934 World’s Fair Enchanted Island Playing Cards


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The Scarecrow and the Tin-man from the Wizard of Oz were featured characters at The Century of Progress–Enchanted Island exhibit at the Chicago 1933/1934 World’s Fair. The “Straw man” was featured in postcards and souvenir books with that name (see last photo). Oddly, here is a set of playing cards with the same Straw man image as the Joker card, but he is called “Pop Eye the Giant”! Not sure how the mix-up occurred, but there it is. Not all cards in this type of box have this Joker, so maybe it was fixed in later releases. The cards are in original box, with also an Index to Views (also referencing Popeye) and A Contract Bridge Scoring card. There is only one Joker, not sure if there were originally two or not. Otherwise the set is complete and in very good condition with light wear.

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