Sold: MY LILY OF THE NILE Anna Laughlin + Sammy Wizard of Oz Sheet Music 1902


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Here is a very interesting piece of sheet music related to the 1902 Wizard of Oz stage play. “My Lily of the Nile–as introduced and featured by Anna Laughlin”, who played Dorothy in the musical. Copyright 1902, words by James O’dea and music by Robt. J. Adams, publisher Sol Bloom. The cover has an inset photo of Laughlin in a costume with a striped hat–I can find other images of her in a striped hat in the Wizard of Oz, but not THIS striped hat, so not sure if this is an image from the Wizard of Oz play or not. “Sammy”, a known Oz play song, also written by James O’dea, is included on the back–labelled “Grace Kimbell’s (sic) big hit in The Wizard of Oz Co.” Grace played Trixie Tryfle, another female character in the Oz play, early on, before being replaced by Lotta Faust. One of the lesser known Oz songs, I did find “My Lily of the Nile” mentioned in a Sept 1902 newspaper ad about the play’s music.

A nice double connection to the Wizard of Oz play, both for the Anna Laughlin image and for the Sammy music on the rear cover. Seems very scarce–can’t find any other copies online, but the lyrics are found here (defined as a “coon” song): .

Music has been trimmed at the bottom, and looks to have been removed from a bound volume. Some edge tears, but still very attractive cover.