Sale: Bunch of Keys Theater Trade Card Denslow–Charles Hoyt ~1883 Frog Tradecard

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Original trade card thought to be by Oz illustrator W W Denslow advertising “A Bunch of Keys or The Hotel” Opera, as produced by Charles H Hoyt. Trade card shows a man with his arm around a woman with a frog and says “Does your arm pain you? It’s out of place”. Not sure what she is going to do with that frog, but…The card is not signed but is in the style of other known theater trade cards Denslow did in this period such as “Skipped by the Light of the Moon” and “The Beggar Student”. See photos for comparisons with his rendering of text and characters in these other shows. (Also see my article in the Spring 2015 Baum Bugle for more info on Denslow’s trade cards.) Denslow scholar Michael Patrick Hearn agrees that the Bunch of Keys cards are “probably by Denslow”. A Bunch of Keys is one of the hardest set of cards to find; I’ve only ever seen three of what is likely a set of 8.

One corner is torn on the card but otherwise in good condition with original advertising on the back unmarred.