WWII Broadside: Keep ‘Em Flying! Uncle Sam Needs Your Aluminum


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This original mini-broadside touts: “Keep ‘Em Flying! Uncle Sam Needs Your Aluminum”, referring to the need for aluminum to build aircraft in World War II. The drive was July 21-23, probably ca. 1942 when the scrap drives took off (see below). Size is just 5.5″ x 8.5″, printed on thin paper with blank back. Two of these were found inside an old book; this is the last one. Very good condition with faint ink blot below the “F” and shallow corner fold.

From Sarah Sundin’s informative website: In 1942 citizens scoured their homes, farms, and businesses for metal. Housewives donated pots and pans, farmers turned in farm equipment, and children even sacrificed their metal toys. Many people removed bumpers and fenders from their cars for the war effort. Communities melted down Civil War cannons and tore down wrought iron fences, sacrificing their history for their future.These drives were often great community events, with performers, speeches, and opportunities to throw your scrap metal at a bust of Hitler. Competitions were held to see which town, county, and state produced the most scrap, and the winners boasted of their feats. These drives had mixed results. Used aluminum was found to be useless for aircraft, but used tin, steel, and copper were easily melted down and reused.