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The Ropes at Disney’s Rare 1943 Walt Disney Productions Book/Booklet Art by Tom Oreb


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This original 1943 booklet, The Ropes at Disney’s, was for new employees of Walt Disney Productions in Burbank, California. states that the artwork is by Tom Oreb, who also worked on movies Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dalmations, and Sleeping Beauty. Stapled cardstock wraps, 4″ x 6″, 36 pages including a fold-out map of the studio lot. Topics covered include employment, sick leave, accidents, insurance, working hours, pay day, tardiness, safety, personal mail, personal phone calls, discharge, terminations, Selective Service, holidays, vacations, off-the-lot passes, the library, studio equipment, transportation, unions, soliciting, and time cards. Art shows a man oogling women in what would be shockingly politically incorrect for an employee manual today. And that Penthouse Club? “Men only! Sorry gals…”

This rare booklet sold for $1,300 at the Van Eaton Galleries 18 Jun 2016 auction (that auction included a separate small Disney Operational Chart that is not included here). No others available for sale online at time of listing! Condition is very good, with some dirt on cover and 3 leaves with minor staining near bottom. “Property of Kay Roden” penned inside cover. All pages complete and securely bound.