Sold: The Muppets World Branding Premiere Book: Style Guide in Original Decorative Box


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The Muppets World Branding Premiere, a style guide and character model sheets for the Muppets distributed in 2005, enclosed in faux wood inner box and outer cardboard box sporting peeking Muppet eyeballs—is it Oscar the Grouch? Miss Piggy reclines above “MOI FIRST CLASS” stamp. Hardcover, 307 pages in color, issued by The Muppets Holding Company, LLC  in association with Kermit’s 50th birthday in 2005.

A scarce publication given only to Disney employees working with the Muppets or to licensing partners. Packed with model sheets, character art, book covers, theatre scenes and logos. “We’ve tried to fill this guide with everything you could possibly want to know about the Muppets. We hope it opens your eyes, ears, nose. As well as your creative genius to what the Muppets can do for you. So take a look around and get to know us better. And as always, watch out for amorous pigs wanting gifts.”

Book in fine condition, packaging with light wear only. Package as issued except lacking inserted envelope with letter from Kermit.