Sold: Russian Ephemera Lot, 1923 Circus Conductor Petrograd Certificate, Photos, Documents


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Wonderful lot of early 20th century Russian ephemera, includes:

1) Large 1923 hand-calligraphied certificate of appreciation to Stanislav Martynovich Novitskii, signed by ~ 35 members of a circus, in recognition of his 20th anniversary directing a Petrograd circus performance or orchestra. This is the most impressive and largest item in the lot, approximately 13″x18″. Beautiful, folded with some edge wear as shown.

2) CDV of painter Russian painter Vasily Shbuyer (I think), Wesenberg photographer

3) Vintage 4″x5.5″ photo of man writing, I believe (but am not sure) it is Vladimir Nemirovich Danchenko, “Russian and Soviet theatre director, writer, pedagogue, playwright, producer and theatre administrator, who founded the Moscow Art Theatre”, annotated and dated 1930 on the back.

4) Two Russian monetary notes, both dated 1918.

5) Certificate to resident, stamped ~13″ long.

6) 1918 stamped petition to a court about an inheritance (Yeliseyevich/Eliseevich)

7) 1917 Elaborate bank document, stamped.

In good vintage condition as shown.