Sold: THE SEA FAIRIES Baum Oz 1st Edn Reilly Britton 1911 Green Cover Variant


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Here is one of the most desirable of L. Frank Baum’s non-Oz books, The Sea Fairies. This is a 1st edition, 1st printing published by Reilly & Britton. According to the Baum Collector’s Guide to L Frank Baum, this is binding variant B, with the green cover, which is actually harder to find. (I also have the other 1st Ed binding with the 3 faces on the cover listing separately). With illustrations including 12 color plates by John R Neill.

This book is in good, but not great condition, with some flaws. Cover plate is quite attractive with some small scratches. Rear cover has discoloration and a couple scratches. Inside, front hinge is intact and rear hinge is lightly cracked, but holding. Some writing at top of endpapers, which are still very attractive. 1917 inscription on Book Belongs To page, as well as a small ownership stamp. All 12 color plates are present, but 3 are loose and have some chipping/folds along edges. Could be re tipped-in.