JOHN DOUGH and THE CHERUB L Frank Baum Book Oz c.1906 1st Edn/2nd Print Reading Copy Wild & Homeless


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Fun book by L. Frank Baum about John Dough, a very unusual gingerbread man. This is the copyright 1906 Reilly & Britton first edition, second printing, in the binding without the rear cover illustration (Binding D as per Book Collector’s Guide to Baum).  Book has many weird and wonderful drawings in vivid color by John R. Neill. Rear endpapers advertise The Twinkle Tales and The Christmas Stocking Series (with the little books packaged in a miniature bookcase), The Land of Oz and the rare Woggle-bug Book.

This book is in poor overall condition, and should be considered a reading copy–one of my wild and homeless and deeply discounted books! The front cover looks pretty good, but the spine is faded has a large tear that is partly repaired, leaving about a 1/2″ hole.  The binding is very loose and the hinges are badly cracked (rear one about half detached), and 1/2 of the  illustrated endpapers are missing front and back. Book opens to the title page. Many torn pages and other flaws, but text seems to be complete. Just looking for a good, non-judgemental home!