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Choice DICK MARTIN 1950s Greeting Cards, Oz Illustrator Birthday Valentine etc


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Oz auctioneer, bibliophile and illustrator Dick Martin drew other things not related to Oz. This includes a gig he had for a greeting card company in the 50s, where he designed a great variety of comic cards. Martin’s art is bold, colorful and his humor is quirky and sly.  I’ll been collecting these for a while and have decided to offer them at $12 each. So this is for your choice of each of the cards shown in the images. If you want more than one, just change the cart quantity at checkout. Then, specify which cards you want in the comments section, based on the front graphics and text. Note the 2nd and 8th image show backs and inside of cards, not the fronts, so please don’t order these. Sold cards are listed below. Most are not used (a few are), but do not come with envelopes. Inside, some have elaborate popups or things like gold-foil toilet paper.

The first batch of 11 cards all have Martin’s DM initials somewhere on the front, inside or back of card, sometimes hidden within the art. The 2nd batch of 5 cards don’t have his initials, but are by the same company and era, are in Martin’s style and have writing characteristics just like the signed ones. So I’m pretty sure he drew these as well. For more information on Martin and a mention of the cards, please see

Sold cards include Books–“I ain’t no genius”.